vegetable garden

Running, jumping, climbing and rolling, there is enough room to do it all in the spacious free play area.

The free style cubby house lends itself to a whole host of activities and the children let their imagination's run wild. It can be a home, fire station, shop, dinosaur cave...the list goes on and it helps the children to begin social connections.

cubby house

At Sarah Court Preschool the double swing frame allows for a variety of attachment's to be used. Some of our swings also allow for two children to work together at getting the swing moving as a team. This is really popular with the children and creates lots of fun and laughter.


Climbing, sliding, walking the plank! The children embrace the play fort as a central feature and spend time playing many types of make believe games in groups. The fireman's pole is perfect for challenging the body and mind, while the double slide makes zooming down to the ground next to your friends extra fun.

Play fort

Children begin to understand the concept of seed planting and changes in appearance as roots, leaves and fruits grow. Our vegetable garden provides a great launchpad to discuss soil and how things grow. Children plant seedlings, care for the plants as they grow and harvest the produce once the fruits and vegetables are ready to eat.

free play

The large sandpit area is under cover and allows the children a perfect meeting place. Many engineering feats have been created in the sand pit while the children learn about co-operative play and team work. The adjacent water pump provides the perfect platform for learning about water flow, conservation, absorption and collection.

sandpit & water pump