flaminia grubaCki

3 year old TADPOLES AND JOEYS assistant


4 year old NGARRERT (FROGS)  assistant

kim smyth

BBSc Grad Dip of Ed (Early Childhood)

4 year old NGARRERT (FROGS) teacher

In our 4 year old programs there is an emphasis on creativity, problem solving and independent learning skills. Maree is an experienced educator who has been teaching for over 30 years and has been at Sarah Court Preschool for the last 12 years. “It sounds like a long time, but I love it and learn something new every day from the children, my co-workers and the families at our preschool.”

Maree Lyons

B.ED.Mus.Spec/Dip T.EC

Sarah Court Preschool Lead Teacher

4 year old MARRAM (KANGAROOS) teacher


Our preschool program is based on the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF) and we have adopted the practice principles and learning outcomes. They ensure children have a strong sense of identity, are connected with and contribute to their world, have a strong sense of wellbeing, are confidant and involved learners and that children become effective communicators. 
Using the VEYLDF, educators will observe your child’s learning so they can build on it and plan the next steps. 
They will do this by listening, watching and talking to your child.

Maree is passionate about music and movement. She plays the guitar and flute and is also a member of her local choir in Selby. She is able to share this passion with the children.

Maree is our head educator at the Preschool and is also involved with the Local Teachers Network. “I enjoy creating a program that reflects the childrens interests, needs and strengths and helps them learn through play experiences. It is wonderful to see the children grow and learn throughout the year, knowing they are ready to move on to school as happy and confident learners.”


Flaminia is also a talented painter who has created beautiful murals at both Sarah Court and the Montrose playground. “I love working with my colleagues, teaching and caring for young soul's. It’s fun and challenging. I love drawing and teaching children in the garden.”

In our 4 year old programs there is an emphasis
on creativity, problem solving and independent
learning skills. Kim is a qualified and experienced
educator who enjoys encouraging the children
to be creative and innovative. She joined the team
at Sarah Court Preschool in 2011 after
re-training to join the workforce again from 
​maternity leave. Kim enjoyed her own early childhood experience with her children so much she seized the opportunity to change her career path to work in early education. 

Helen assists Maree with the 4 year old Kangaroo's

group to ensure that the children can learn in an

exciting, yet caring environment.
Helen has experience in both kindergarten and childcare, originally specialising in work with special needs children. She is local to the community and lives with her husband and four children. Helen loves to keep active "My interests include karate and running. I also enjoy walking the dogs, gardening, cooking, reading and playing the flute."

Flaminia assist's Allison to create a fun and creative environment for children to play and learn. Flaminia started at Sarah Court Preschool in 2010 and brought many years of early childhood experience with her. Flaminia is a local to Montrose and lives here with her husband and two children. 


B Ed Primary/Grad Dip Early Childhood

Kim believes childrens work is play, which supports Sarah Court Preschools play based learning program. She is able to use her own children as guinea pigs for new learning activities with painting, creating or tinkering with odds and ends. Kim enjoys sharing much loved childrens books and discovering new ones with the children she works with. “I am passionate about reading and writing for children, and it is a joy to see children engrossed in a great story. I also enjoy being outside with the children who have not yet learned to worry about the heat,  the cold or the wet. The creative ways they play and learn together continues to amaze me.”

Jo assists Kim to create a cheerful and caring 
environment for the kids to play and learn. Jo started
at Sarah Court Preschool when her own children were
there over 17 years ago. Jo is now the very proud
Grandmother of three, one of whom has just started this
year at Sarah Court.

Jo definitely loves to be outside with the children getting her hands dirty. “I love playing in the sandpit and am a star at making volcanos with baking soda and vinegar. I love coming to kinder and watching the children grow throughout the year as they gain more confidence and learn how to do new things.”