​Strong oral skills are the foundation for the instructional learning that children will undertake once they begin school. At Sarah Court Preschool we have conversations: discuss things that interest us, share ideas and listen to others. We also play with words and sounds: singing, read stories, play word games. Conversations are the means by which we learn about ourselves and each other, share ideas and knowledge and contribute to the world around us. When children are exposed to rich language experiences, they are supported in their efforts to form effective relationships and form foundations for literacy and numeracy.


​Children deserve the opportunity to connect with nature and take advantage of the rich play experiences it has to offer. Children engage easily in our natural setting and we are nurturing their love and respect for the environment, which they will take into the future.

​We also engage with the local Montrose community and value interactions with community groups, such as CFA, community members and local surrounding schools.


​At Sarah Court Preschool we believe children learn through play. When play is chosen freely, based on individual interests and strengths, children are highly motivated and learning is relevant and meaningful. A quality space is conducive to this learning, as children's senses, ideas and creativity are stimulated and different learning styles are supported.


The Sarah Court Preschool play based philosophy is supported by a great range of activities and opportunities. Both inside and outside environments are dynamic areas to encourage ​children to explore, investigate, inquire and learn

Our learning outcomes include:


Children's physical and emotional wellbeing is paramount, and underpins the quality of their learning experience. We support children's wellbeing by building strong relationships with both them and their family and respecting the rights and needs of the child. Sarah Court Preschool provides opportunities and resources for the development of core body strength, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. Some of this includes running, climbing, digging, swinging, block building and ball games. Loose parts, craft, play dough and lego provide opportunities for fine motor skill development.


At Sarah Court Preschool, we support children as they develop their sense of self. Opportunities are open ended, allowing children to make their own interpretations and extend their ideas and interests.

Children's confidence in their own abilities is heightened when teachers listen to their views, respect their opinions and allow them to share in decision making.